a brand new perspective


Volumetric detection Unlike common perimetric detection, A8V provides volumetric detection. The operator is able to define any 3D zone shape, and the intruder is thus detected within the whole protected area. A priority can be defined for each zone, delayed loops or pre-alarm zones can be easily set up.LiDAR technology For detection, A8V uses multichannel detectors based on the LiDAR technology. Detection has the speed of light. A8V provides information on intruder’s size and speed of movement, and monitors the trajectory of such movement. The system automatically pilots PTZ cameras to the point of intrusion.Elimination of false alarm The entire system has been designed with an emphasis on elimination of false alarms. In the zones, trees apt to generate false alarms can be highly efficiently cut out, and the scene can be scanned for a prolonged time in order to allow for movements of growing grass or shrubbery. The 3D system can be adapted to any environment. A8V is thus valuable for many applications from residential facilities to challenging military premises.3D environment We have created a unique 3D environment by making use of the Unity engine best known from computer games. The overall system has been developed with an emphasis on user friendliness. It uses virtual reality elements and offers a unique tool for determination of surveyed area.

4 key features of accur8vision security


accur8vision (A8V) is a revolutionary security system combining volumetric detection and a multichannel spatial detector based on the LiDAR technology, all of that packed together as a user-friendly system in an attractive 3D design with virtual reality elements.


Brand new perspective to security system visualization

  • Camera navigated to point of intrusion by system rather that detector. Camera axis not necessarily along detector axis
  • Detection zones of any size and any shape possible
  • Definition of excluded zones – with greenery cut out of detection zones.
  • Scaled 3D map
  • Advanced tools for security design with virtual reality simulation
  • Several targets to be monitored simultaneously
  • Information on number of intruders, their size and speed of movement, and visualization of movement trajectories

accur8vision - total revolution in security



In 1931, electric guitar caused a shock on the music scene, in 2017, accur8vision with LiDAR technology is going to cause a total revolution in security


Can you recall that feeling when the security system sounds alarm and the security officer clears the event with a smile and an infernal certainty that this is a false one? When you feel compelled to run in the direction of the alarm zone and the guards look at you in amusement, being sure that well before you reach that place, the alarm will be safely over, with its cause remaining unknown for ever?


Following four years dedicated to development of systems for volumetric detection, the company TACTICAWARE is introducing to the field of security a new system of accurate detection, the solution bearing a self-explaining name accur8vision. The system takes advantage of detection based on the LiDAR technology, building on multichannel LiDAR detectors from the U.S. manufacturer Velodyne (leader in LiDARs intended mainly for automotive applications supporting dependable automated driving). The detector itself delivers an unmatched accuracy of laser detection down to 3 cm. What makes the system unique is an accurate localization of all moving objects within the protected zone. Thanks to its patented technology, A8V can pilot PTZ cameras to the point of alarm origin. The system manages, with a high intelligence and fully automatically, the numbers of cameras monitoring various targets, it switches between cameras very dynamically, in a nearly movie fashion, so that targets are viewed from different angles – everything without operator’s intervention, fully autonomously. The visualization of protected zone is very impressive and the operator obtains an exciting experience compared to commonly used, rather boring, security systems.


The system is based on a complete 3D map, against which all the elements (LiDAR detectors, cameras, etc.) are calibrated. The 3D map is created manually while walking or using flying UAV devices with the LiDAR technology, photogrammetry or a combination of all these techniques. The operator thus obtains a highly attractive 3D environment offering a complete freedom of movement. The entire system noticeably resembles a computer game. And that idea is absolutely right. As the GUI was developed by the best of the best programmers from the gaming industry and 3D technologies, features of virtual reality and artificial intelligence have been imprinted into the DNA of accur8vision. The first thing you will immediately notice with A8V is the integration system for individual elements into the 3D map. Each inserted element is visualized in the map as a light source. All the detectors or cameras virtually illuminate their coverage areas in the map. In that way it is immediately obvious, which areas are protected by the detectors or surveyed by cameras. Shadows, in other words uncovered areas, are clearly identified when the system is being designed, so the configuration of detectors and cameras can be optimized in order to cover any potential points of intrusion.


The system has been designed with an emphasis on intuitive control. Although it is relatively complex and sophisticated, its operation is truly friendly and easy for both operators and supervisors. It adopts a completely new approach to security system visualization. Without any doubt, accur8vision and the LiDAR technology bring a higher level of security, alarms confirmed by video and, as a result, a total elimination of false alarms. You will see that even something that used to be as boring as a security system may become quite entertaining.


If you really want to start a rumble, put your ukulele aside and grab the electric guitar :)



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a brand new perspective


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